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Our industry leading team and services ensure your maximum return on investment with renewable energy.


Why Partner With J&B Solar?

Our experience and dedication to quality craftsmanship mean you gain a reliable network of support throughout the development of your solar project.

With the economic effects of COVID-19 taking their toll many traditional investments are facing unprecedented uncertainty. Solar provides a safe haven for investors of many kinds in even the most troubling times. With an engineering and construction team as experienced as ours, you can ensure you are receiving top quality service at every stage of production and that you retain a quality renewable energy investment for decades to come.

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The most common investor we partner with for new renewable energy projects is actually the current provider of electricity in a given district. Learn more about how solar can provide many utilities a much lower cost per kW for energy generation. At J&B Solar can handle even large scale installations with unmatched speed and quality of service.


Communities large and small throughout the United States are learning they can save thousands on energy production by switching to solar. Learn how to reduce the burden on your budget (and environment) by partnering with J&B Solar. We offer a variety of energy agreements including Power Purchase Agreements to meet your community's needs and budget.

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Many businesses including factories, mechanic shops and data warehouses that face high electric costs can see tremendous savings with solar. Click below to learn more about the way we help our partner companies navigate a variety of tax benefits and other savings to deliver positive returns on their new energy investment quickly.


Energy Brokers

Partnering with J&B Solar means you can deliver environmentally friendly financially stable energy to your clients at unrivaled quality and a lower cost. Learn more about the value we add to energy portfolios below.

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Private Investors

Solar provides private investors with a long term asset with a stable rate of return not easily influenced by market volatility. J&B Solar provides end to end assistance for private investors looking to invest in renewable energy. Learn more about our investment options by reaching out to our Development Department using the link below.


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Are you ready to add security to your investment portfolio and improve our world?

Development Department

Our development department exists to help investors find the energy project that adds the most value to your portfolio. Get in touch with us directly by calling 321-414-2180 or fill out the form below.

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Director of Development

Zachary Pierce

"I help investors maximize their return on investment with solar energy. Let's get in touch and add renewable security to your portfolio today!"

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