Push-Pull Test

​Testing for foundation selection is the first step in ensuring a cost-effective and reliable large-scale ground-mounted solar installation. At J&B Solar we own our own equipment, scales, and meters to test soil conditions with dedicated proprietary crews that travel nationwide. Testing avoids the costly and time-consuming effects a weak foundation has on utility-scale projects. We conduct hundreds of these tests annually for engineering firms, developers, and manufacturers. Our in-house fleet means we deploy quickly as required and turn around results to our clients onsite! Experience, quick deployment, nationwide coverage, and data collection make us the most cost-efficient team available.

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Pile Driving

J&B Solar has driven over a million piles! Our in-house fleet of pile drivers have operated in the deserts of California and Nevada to the plains of New York, Virginia, and Florida. Across this nation, we have experienced a multitude of soil conditions, installation methods, and pile variations. We work with top-tier EPCs, electrical contractors, developers, and mounting solution providers to offer superior pile driving services. Our intimate knowledge of pile driving is augmented by a seasoned team and our own equipment.

Rapid deployment means our experienced pile driving crews can be on your site quickly. Utilizing our specialized hydraulic operated pile drivers, we place racking posts into the ground to the required depth at agile speed. Our work is straight and plumb so that racking can be installed without hesitation. We are North America’s leader in pile driving volume and technique.


Racking Assembly

We provide cost-effective ground-mounted racking assembly services for a wide variety of commercial and utility-scale projects. Our services include the installation of roof mount and open terrain ground mount, fixed-tilt, ballasted, and single-axis tracking systems.


J&B Solar’s installation service is built upon best practices for the specific racking manufacturer system adapted to the project’s unique conditions in order to provide a high-quality installation. Our skilled installation teams provide on-site solutions to daily and site-specific challenges to help ensure that high-quality projects are completed on time and within budget.


Module Installation

Our module installation services meet all manufacturer installation guidelines and exceed industry standards. A long-lasting renewable
energy project is expected to produce reliably for decades. This requires top-quality panels installed properly with minimum cost and time efficiency. Our commitment to excellence, safety, on-site
management, execution, and delivery time ensures seamless module installation. Along with our other construction services our module installation is second to no other in the industry.



In addition to our mechanical services, J&B offers full electrical services for utility-scale renewable energy projects. Our services include DC and AC electrical formats, medium voltage, high voltage, monitoring installation, testing, and commissioning. We work with electrical teams nationally and are licensed in more than a dozen states. When you employ J&B Solar for a new renewable energy project, we support your entire project from start to finish. Our industry-leading service is seamless in every field.



J&B is used to working with the tight schedules and complex requirements of solar energy surveying. Our role is to mitigate risk in each step for any size project. We maintain timely communication and provide accurate solar survey services that keep your project moving quickly. Our team has the credentials, licensing, and the needed experience to work in all 50 states.



Solar foundations require piles being driven by hydraulic pile driving machines. Sites are tested for their soil conditions so that piles can be driven with success and in turn, support the racking and panels adhered to them. However, some sites may contain soils not conducive to piles being driven normally. In this case, J&B employs alternative means to install
piles. Drilling a hole prior to installation of the pile is many times the solution. J&B owns its own drill rigs in various sizes in different formats with a wide range of capabilities. The protocols of performing drilling or
vibratory insertion depend on what one wishes to achieve.

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This Is How We Do It

Have you ever wondered what the construction of a utility-scale solar project looks like from start to finish? Check out this project constructed by the J&B team in East Orange County.

From OUC:

June 27, 2017, EAST ORANGE COUNTY – Construction crews are putting the finishing touches on what is now the largest combined solar farm in Orange County and one of the most unique in the United States. 37,544 solar panels capable of generating nearly 13 megawatts of energy occupy a total of 24 acres. 

Construction Time 

Drone Flyover

The first site is placed over a coal combustion byproduct landfill at OUC’s Stanton Energy Center in East Orange County. The space which is already devoid of trees is perfect for solar. The
second site stands on a coal plant originally designed three decades ago but never constructed. Both sites will simultaneously produce enough energy to power 2,100 homes
when connected to the electric grid this summer.

Read more about this project here: http://www.ouc.com/about-ouc/news/2017/06/27/ouc-s-second-solar-farm-nears-completion


J&B Solar At Work