Foundation selection is critical for a cost effective installation of PV solar panel support structures. Lack of proper investigation of subsurface conditions can lead to selection of the wrong foundation type and can result in costly change orders and delays to the job completion date.

J&B owns and operates our own pile drivers and equipment which affords us the ability to control the schedule and flexibility to perform on short notice.



At J&B, we own and operate a pile driving fleet to complete your project efficiently and on time. We work with EPCs, electrical contractors, developers, and mounting solution providers to offer superior pile driving services throughout North America.

Our experienced pile driving crews use specialized, hydraulic operated pile drivers to place racking posts into the ground to the required depth. We have experience with many types of soil conditions, pile variations, and lengths.



We provide cost-effective ground mount racking assembly services for a wide variety of commercial and utility scale projects. Our services include the installation of roof mount and open terrain ground mount, fixed tilt, ballasted and single axis tracking systems. J&B’s installation service is built upon best practices for the specific racking manufacturer system adapted to the project’s unique conditions in order to provide a high quality installation. Our skilled installation teams provide on-site solutions to daily and site specific challenges to help ensure that high quality projects are completed on time and within budget.



Our module installation services meet all manufacturer installation guidelines and exceed industry standards. Our commitment to excellence, safety, on-site management, execution and delivery time is second to none in the industry.



In addition to our mechanical services, we offer full electrical services for utility scale renewable energy projects. Our services include DC and AC electrical, medium voltage, high voltage, monitoring system installation, testing, and commissioning. We work nationally and are licensed in over 12 states.



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