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We help HOAs, local municipalities, and electric cooperatives form a low-cost energy alternative that benefits all members.

Achieve More Together

Lower energy costs for your entire community by creating a community grid that benefits all stakeholders.

Our development department helps at every stage of development to ensure every member's energy needs are met at maximum efficiency. Because we own the construction equipment and have teams ready to deploy when permits are granted, we minimize costs to your members during development and can fulfill your requirements quickly.

Our finance department can craft Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and other low fixed cost arrangements to ensure your needs are met at a much lower price per watt than more common and outdated energy sources. We love lowering energy bills!

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Cleaner Air & Water

Solar provides clean and efficient energy for decades with little maintenance.

Our installations are designed from the ground up to minimize the impact energy production has ​on your local environment. 

The energy produced by solar panels requires no emissions or pollution. Because no fertilizers or pesticides are used, solar energy installations can be a more beneficial use of land resources than even farming. There is no long term harmful effect on the local biome and soil health actually improves in areas occupied by solar.

Experienced Partners

There isn't a racking assembly or module assembly that we haven't worked with.

From pre-construction to closeout we work tirelessly to ensure your new energy project is built with the highest quality materials and engineering standards. We support our community partners throughout the life cycle of their solar installation.

In these uncertain times, we will all work together to ensure stability in the energy future of your community.


Let's Talk

We know what it takes to help your community or cooperative lower your cost per watt and achieve more stability in your power system.

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