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We have the experience, equipment, and manpower to help you achieve your sustainability initiatives.

Lower Energy Costs

Companies with long term commitments to high electric usage are saving millions converting to privately generated solar power.

In these uncertain times, electricity produced by solar panels at a low fixed rate can provide stability and is highly scalable as your demand grows. 

Our Development team excels at helping companies paying 250K or more a year in utilities scale their independent power facilities at maximum efficiency. Our finance department helps ensure we keep the costs of your solar replacement energy lower than your original cost per watt and we offer a 25-year warranty on all installations.

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Meet Sustainability Goals

50% Renewable Power by 2025? 100% by 2030? Our team helps ensure those goals are met.

We are known for our ability to deploy new solar modules efficiently and rapidly because we understand that those are the two key variables in maximizing the return of new energy installations.

If you are a Chief of Sustainability or Sustainability Manager our Development Department can help with presenting solar to budget-minded executives as a logical, cost-effective, and efficient business decision.

Work With Recognized Leaders

J&B Solar is a regular leader in new energy installations and has been for years.

Our install teams have worked with all manner of solar infrastructure and are known for speed, dedication, and integrity. Because we own our own equipment we pass tremendous cost savings on to our corporate partners.

Our development department works with a variety of financial and regulatory partners ahead of our installers to ensure your project is met with minimal pushback and can be rapidly deployed, further minimizing cost.

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Industries Benefiting The Most From Solar

Below is a shortlist of the types of corporate institutions benefitting the most from solar energy today. However, almost any business that uses electricity could benefit from solar power in some way.

  • Internet/Hosting

  • Manufacturing

  • Hospitality

  • Temperature Controlled Storage

  • Industrial Parks

  • Office Buildings 

  • Machine Shops

  • Hospitals And Care Facilities

Let's Talk

We understand what it takes to meet sustainability goals in a cost-effective way. Our team is uniquely equipped to deploy new solar installations quickly; let's discuss your energy needs.

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