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  • Predrilling- this technique is utilized to guide and decrease resistance for installation of piles. It is usually performed by a lighter drill attached to machinery that can drill 6”-10” in diameter.

  • Drilling- for difficult soil strata or where depth is an issue J&B may employ one of its DTH “down the hole hammer” rigs in combination with a drill bit to disperse sediment or rock as it is displaced. It utilizes a pneumatic hammer in conjunction with various drill bits. Drill bits are selected based on the soil formations. ‘Drag” Fixed Bit = clay or soft rock; Rock Tooth &; Auger Bit = Rock &; Depth (for continuous flight); Tricone or Roller Cone Bit= Hard Rock. Depending on the subsurface conditions J&B technicians choose and apply the proper drilling methods for your project.

  • Vibratory Hammer- In cases where drilling may disperse too much soil J&B might engage a vibratory hammer technique accomplished by one of its ABI Mobilram attachments. This process utilizes a large mast with connections that allow a pile to be inserted and driven into the earth with a great crowding force of up to 20 kips (20,000 pounds) through means of vibration and great downward pressure. This method is highly effective and quick because no drilling is involved. Soils must be applicable to this method and usually range between very firm to claylike.

  • Auger Cast Piling- J&B is a full-service solution provider for complex conditions. In soils where caving and water are a problem (coastal construction) Continuous Flight Auger Piles are a great solution. Auger Cast In Place Piles (ACP or CFA) utilizes a full length hollow stem continuous flight auger drilled into the ground. After the continuous flight auger reaches the specified depth, grout is then pumped through the hollow stem as the continuous flight auger is withdrawn from the hole leaving a hole filled without contaminating the grout with caving material, soil cuttings or water. Reinforcing steel is then quickly placed into the grout whilst still in a fluid state to the specified depth. Auger cast piles can provide a quick alternative where casing or drilling fluid cannot get the job done.

  • Sheet Piling, Soldier Piles, Containment Walls & Shoring- By
    using the latest technology in vibratory piling equipment J&B provides services such as soldier piles and sheet piling where difficult drilling conditions exist. These two pile types offer total versatility to shoring and excavation bracing. This can be applicable in maritime construction and/or large foundation settings.

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