Maximize Your Return Per Acre With Solar Energy



See stable returns from solar power produced on your own land.

In these unprecedented times, having a consistent return on your land from solar power delivered to your local grid means stability and security in a high yield investment. Our team is experienced in delivering highly efficient and sustainable solar installations. Contact us to learn more about the program.


The Process


During development our team conducts environmental, electric grid interconnection, and archaeological studies amongst others. We maximize your return per acre while minimizing environmental impact.


During the engineering phase, we draft designs of your solar installation and determine where your panels and other equipment would be best suited. We also create the Engineering Blueprints and calculations your whole project will be based on.


Procurement is the process our team goes through to obtain the highest quality materials specified to your project at the best possible price. We have decades of experience in the solar market and guarantee any materials we bring to your project.


During this phase, we construct a state of the art solar facility to generate electricity on your property. At J&B Solar and Electric our roots are in large scale electric construction. This means we have the experience to maximize savings throughout your project.


Top Benefits Of Using Your Land For Solar Energy 

High Return Per Acre

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High Return

Per Acre

Solar energy yields 20X the annual return of many staple crops and is a reliable investment for as long as we have a sun that shines.


J&B Solar

 Year after year we prove ourselves to be leaders in the utility solar space. Our team has the experience to help owners of large plots of land maximize the return that land produces with solar energy.

Our team has decades of experience in large scale renewable energy construction and is eager to answer any questions you may have.

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Land Owners

Would you like a free property evaluation to determine how much energy your land could be earning with solar? Answer a couple of questions below and one of our land development analysts will reach out directly within 24 hours.

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