Electrical Foreman

Job Type

Full Time


Job Summary

The Electrical Foreman handles the oversite of proper layout, assembly, installation, and commissioning of Photovoltaic AC and DC electrical systems, in a utility scale setting. This person will offer feedback throughout completion of the job. Their key duty is leading the accurate and complete installation of designated electrical systems. They will aid in on-the-job training, using skills developed to work safely, efficiently, and correctly.

Duties And Responsibilities

  1. Uses plans to decide proper locations, sizes, and installation of all designated electrical systems. Will discuss all attributes of each install with site superintendent.

  2. Constructs and installs structural framing, solar modules, temporary structures/supports, including scaffolding, chutes for wet concrete, forms for concrete foundations and timber structures to support machinery.

  3. Leads solar installers in layout, construction, and assembly of mechanical system, whether fixed or tracking. Including but not limited to NexTracker, ATI, RBI, etc.

  4. Assembles, shapes building materials and affixes racking with proprietary hydraulics and varying tools.

  5. Material handling and pre-fabrication work including uncrating materials.

  6. All work is to follow manufacturer’s plans, contractor’s plans, as well as local and state building codes. All work must be performed in a safe manner, meeting OSHA and other safety regulations.

  7. Occasional digging and other duties as assigned.

The Electrical Foreman reports to the site superintendent/project manager, while working alongside solar installers, to meet and exceed goals.


Basic skills and knowledge of construction; Min. 4 years’ experience in a related field.

  1. Active Commercial General Electrician State Certification

  2. Must be a proven leader, driven and dependable, supportive of company policies.

  3. Able to follow instructions and/or direction from plans and supervisors.

  4. Ability to read and interpret plans accurately. Ability to transfer plans accurately throughout execution.

  5. Strong organizational and problem-solving skills. Must be a self-motivator and team participant.

Education And Experience


  1. Valid Driver's License

  2. Proof of Citizenship

  3. OSHA 30

  4. Electrician

Special Requirements

Physical Demands

  1. Ability to communicate effectively with management and co-workers.

  2. Ability to work outside in varying conditions.

  3. Heavy lifting up to 60 pounds is required. Exertion of up to 75 lbs. of force may be required.

  4. Good manual dexterity for the use of common mechanical tools.

  5. This is a traveling job and will require 90% travel.

The Electrical Foreman job is performed mostly outdoors and on the construction site but may include some indoor work. Activities include extended periods of standing, kneeling, and lifting. Must be able to access fields, rooftops, including stairs, ladders, and lifts. The work environment may change from day to day, depending on projects and tasks being carried out. Personal protective equipment (PPE) will be required, including but not limited to hardhat, gloves, safety glasses, and foot protection. Will be required to travel and/or work out-of-town for extended periods of time.