Company Overview

J&B Solar provides construction services for commercial and utility scale solar, helping to deliver maximum return on investment for clients across the U.S.

Mission Statement

To provide our customers the optimal integration solution through unparalleled quality and service, resulting in the highest return on investment, thus contributing to the success of their organization and projects.

Core Values

  • Reputation

  • Client-Focused Services

  • Excellent Project Execution

  • Immediate Responsiveness

  • Return on Investment for Clients

  • Honesty and integrity

Our Team Of Professionals 

J&B’s team has a wide range of experience in the solar and electrical construction industry. With over 600 MW of projects completed, our installation team has dealt with most types of racking systems and all types of installation methods.

J&B’s management team has over 35 years in the solar industry. Our history is rooted in design-build/EPC; from residential and commercial to utility scale, this makes J&B uniquely suited to understand all aspects of the construction process. From design, procurement, and construction, there’s no aspect we haven’t dealt with.

From Beginning To End, We Deliver

J&B collaborates closely with our clients and contractor partners to develop an innovative, efficient construction plan that defines the project goals and delivers quality standards. This strategy allows J&B to optimize time on site, reduce waste, and execute construction efficiently on behalf of our clients, from preconstruction to closeout.  This plan will then be fully communicated to the entire team and monitored throughout the duration of the project, from preconstruction to closeout.

Value Creation 

The ultimate goal of every client is the creation of value – a maximum return on investment. Project quality, cost and schedule are key factors in determining value. Many contractors view these factors as diametrically opposed; that is, they believe quality is achieved only with higher cost and more time, or  fast-track construction requires the sacrifice of quality and cost.

J&B generates value based on the balance and optimization of quality, cost and schedule.  Our detailed time management protocol and meticulous procedures, actually shortens construction time and lowers cost without reducing quality. Projects are delivered on time and within budget. Value is maximized, as is return on investment for our clients.

Value is the client’s ultimate goal; integrity and an unflinching dedication to performance is J&B’s for every project.

Our Culture of Safety

Our outstanding safety record did not happen by chance. Our Zero Injury policy, which is reinforced daily states that “All employees are obligated to conduct their work in a safe manner, to stop work immediately to correct any unsafe condition that is encountered, and to take corrective action so that work may proceed in a safe manner."

The purpose of the policy is to establish programs and procedures that will eliminate accidents and injuries on our projects, and a project-specific safety plan is developed and implemented for every new job we begin. 

Protecting our workers, our customers, partners, and the general public is of utmost importance to J&B Solar. 

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